a weekend of fog & farmers markets

Shishito peppers are in season now and I'm thrilled. I blister them in a skillet with a little oil and then a sprinkle of salt at the end. Here's a full recipe via Food52. They're delicious and addictive mostly mild, but the odd hot one or two always sneaks into a batch. The prettiest speckled heirloom beans are popping up from Lonely Mountain Farm at the Ferry Building Farmers Market. I walked over to the Fort Mason Farmers Market earlier today before stopping in at Renegade Craft Fair. A stop at the Happy Boy Farms stand is always a must with beautiful organic produce at a great buy. They have a bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes (above) and melons along with a heap of summer gems. The fog has been lingering until noon before the sun comes out so I've saved a little coconut milk to the side from a curried soup and picked up a can of condensed milk for the weeks morning coffee. I'm still thinking about the cafe rico (espresso and condensed milk) from last weekend. I met lovely makers at Renegade Craft Fair today. My favorites were Red Onion Woodworks with the loveliest boards and spirit, Porcelain & Stone bands and bracelets, and these little California state pendants.