Bayle Doetch 

San Francisco based food, lifestyle, and travel photographer. My passion for farms and fresh produce goes back to working on a small organic farm in Olympia, WA. After studying craft and photography I moved to New Zealand for a blade smith apprenticeship and design program. Returning to the states I landed in Portland, OR working at an Italian cafe and then a local organic restaurant. Longing to be in San Francisco, California, a place of childhood daydreams I made the best move yet and have called SF home since. Here I combine a lifelong love of photography with a passion for food, interior design, travel and the hardworking farmers and makers that cultivate goodness and beauty into my work. 



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I have two photographs on the cover and seven photos inside a beautiful book entitled This is Happening. "Featuring over 200 stunning shots by many distinctive photographers, this petite yet chunky volume is an inspiring showcase for the easily overlooked details that fill us with wonder each day, all captured through the dreamy lens of Instagram." You can purchase a copy from Chronicle books here.