A bit about me. 

Originally from the heart of the USA, I had a brief stint in Texas as a kid before embarking on an adventurous journey westward as an adult. Living and studying on the South Island of New Zealand and along the West Coast states of the United States.

Earning a Master of Education with an Art endorsement and certifications in UX/UI Design, Instructional Design, and Applied Behavior Analysis, my multifaceted skill set propels me to passionately cultivate innovative, human-centered product designs. Over the last 15 years, my professional trajectory has woven a tapestry of diverse roles—from a Visual Artist and later an Art teacher in the vibrant city of San Francisco to a Freelance Creative Director and Photographer before transitioning into the role of an Instructional Designer and, now, as a UX/UI Product Designer where I'm able to incorporate my background in visual art, instructional design, and psychology to create meaningful and human-centered designs. 

As a lifelong learner, I actively seek new experiences and connections, cultivating an environment conducive to continuous growth and learning. Currently, I am deepening my proficiency in Spanish while retaining Portuguese, a language I picked up during my early experiences with samba dancing. This linguistic journey broadens my ability to connect with diverse communities. As a loquacious extrovert, I am enthusiastic to connect, share experiences, and learn more about you.

Beyond design and photography, my creative pursuits extend into textile arts, watercolor painting, and more.

I'm eager to delve back into metalwork and printmaking. Actively participating in community art groups like Social Sketch in SF, with monthly meetups, I contribute to collaborative art creation and engage in group art shows. Additionally, I actively participate in Artists Take Action, a meaningful initiative where artists donate their work, and bids are placed on these pieces. The highest bidder then donates directly to one of the charity groups highlighted that month, ensuring 100% of the donations contribute to a good cause.

Here are a few samples of student artwork from lessons I taught.

In grade 1 (ages 6-7), I integrated art and literacy, collaborating with the school librarian and teachers. Art activities were paired with relevant books, enhancing their understanding of science topics such as the plant cycle, pollination, flowers, fruit, and the color wheel. Students used oil pastels, tempera paint, and watercolor pencils to express creativity and develop life drawing skills.

In 6th grade (ages 11-12), the curriculum extended to art history, focusing on ancient Paleolithic cave paintings in Lascaux, France. High school students (grades 9-12, ages 14-18) crafted papier-mâché sculptures, sign language hand drawings, and mandalas. These efforts underscore my commitment to connecting art with various subjects, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Dedicated to continuous learning with a growth mindset, my educational journey encompasses earning degrees or certifications from these schools and beyond.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - Psychology Certificate

Master's in Education with an Art endorsement

Vyond® Animation Credential