Hello, I'm Bayle (Bay-Lee), currently based in California, dedicated to the craft of UX/UI and Product Design. Dive into my portfolio to discover my latest projects and design samples, reflecting innovation and a sincere commitment to human-centered solutions.

Mojo Crowe - AI Research Lead

Spearheaded AI research initiatives to enhance user experience and interface design.

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Australian Red Cross - Product Design

Articulating the vision of the Red Cross Lifeblood Preventative Health strategy with creative and strategic assistance, empowering the executive team to make informed decisions regarding the direction of the 2027 strategy. 

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Pups & Pints - End to End UX Research and Design

Empowering dog owners to explore pup-friendly pubs, fostering enjoyable social outings with their beloved furry friends. Elevating the social experience for both dogs and their human companions by providing comfortable opportunities for them to thrive together and connect with others in their community

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Travel Tips at the Airport - Instructional Design

Simplifying your airport experience with interactive guides on expedited services, gate procedures, and passenger tips. Acquire essential knowledge for a smooth journey from check-in to boarding, ensuring confidence throughout. 

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - Instructional Design

Exploring WCAG standards for inclusive web development. Let's increase web content accessibility and cultivate an inclusive online learning environment. 

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