Primary Objective:

Articulate the vision of the Red Cross Lifeblood Preventative Health strategy with creative and strategic assistance, empowering the executive team to make informed decisions regarding the direction of the 2027 strategy.

Project Scope:

Problem Statement: 

Red Cross Lifeblood's new 5-year strategy aims to become "essential to health" in Australia by improving overall health, increasing blood supplies, and raising brand awareness. This involves expanding beyond blood collection to offer additional health services. The organization seeks strategic guidance to clarify the necessary actions for achieving these goals.

Discovery: Research Insights

In our research phase, we meticulously analyzed donor behavior, service utilization patterns, and market trends to glean insights into the existing landscape. Furthermore, our client, the innovation manager at Lifeblood, worked closely with frontline medical staff to validate our approach and ensure alignment with operational realities.

Synthesis: Organizing Research and Ideation

We conducted team workshops to foster creativity and generated a range of innovative solutions. Utilizing Affinity Mapping, we identified recurring themes from our extensive research and ideation data, distilling insights into three key frameworks: Brand-centered, Donor-centric, and Partnership-oriented.

How Might We: 

Affinity mapping insights were translated into actionable opportunity areas, focusing on harnessing Lifeblood's preventative health initiatives to boost brand visibility and accessibility, engaging a broader spectrum of individuals, and effectively implementing Preventative Health Initiatives.

Storyboard Development: Partnership Expansion Strategy

Through extensive dialogue with the client, I fostered a deeper understanding of their objectives, leading to the refinement of a storyboard that integrated their feedback and adjusted requirements. Here are some of the innovative ideas and concepts I proposed to the client:

Introduction: Partnerships are integral to extending the reach and impact of Lifeblood/LifeLong initiatives. By collaborating with various stakeholders, we can amplify our message and promote healthy practices within communities.

Proposed Partnerships:

Benefits of Partnerships:

Call to Action: I recommend initiating discussions with potential partners to explore collaboration opportunities and begin implementing these strategies to maximize impact.


The client selected my storyboard from three presented options. In a bustling rural farmers market, Aiyana and her family encounter a Red Cross Lifeblood truck offering free mini-health assessments. Aiyana's dad, concerned about his high blood pressure, hesitates to undergo an assessment due to his fear of needles. However, the nurse assures him that the health assessment, including taking his blood pressure, does not require needles or a blood draw. He decides to proceed and receives personalized advice from the nurse, who also highlights the benefits of blood donation.

A week later, when they see the van at the farmers market again, Aiyana's dad is inspired to donate blood, encouraged by his family and the supportive atmosphere. Aiyana captures the moment and shares it on social media, promoting health awareness within their community. The family leaves feeling empowered, optimistic, and connected to their community.

Conclusion: The story concludes with a call to join the movement for healthier communities, emphasizing the positive impact of partnerships between Lifeblood and local markets. This narrative not only highlights the practical benefits of the Lifeblood initiative but also underscores the emotional journey of Aiyana's family, demonstrating the transformative power of community engagement and support.


Deliver: Final Animation 

Integrated three strategy pillars in a single scenario, addressed three key opportunities for Lifeblood, mitigated executive risk aversion, and demonstrated Lifeblood's extensive capabilities and positive impact on diverse stakeholders, all within a low-risk framework. 


Successfully aligned the final deliverable with Red Cross Lifeblood's strategic goals, received commendation for attention to detail, and learned the significance of collaboration and flexibility in client relationships.